OMG, Where have you been?

OMG, Where have you been?

So, yea. It has been a looong minute since I have updated this blog. I apologize for that, but it was for fairly good reasons. There have been a lot of changes happening in my life in the year since I last posted and they kind of diverted my attention away from this blog. But it is one of my New Year’s resolutions to be more consistent with updating this thing. Look, I even changed up the background. What do you think?

As for what’s kept me away? First, I started a new position over the summer that was a better both professionally and financially and I love it. I work in higher education and am currently an academic advisor at the University of Maryland 🙂 Second, I got my own place and my Significant Other and I finally moved in together. Its been a long road (and a long story) but we are finally in a happy place. I also took on a second job just for some extra cash during the holidays last December so that kept me pretty busy for a while.

But enough excuses. I’m back and I’m so excited. I have lots of things I want to write about and share with you guys regarding my hair, product reviews, fashion and more. If you are reading this, thanks for coming back and visiting!


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